Collage Art 1

August 22, 2018

Taking my love of photography, I created something new through digital collaging. I use some of my favorite photos I've taken and piece them together to create new worlds. In this installment, I was inspired by my recent trip to Prague and a house hunting tour of a 1930's home. I took this empty frame leaning against the brick walled-garage and decided to transform it. While in Prague, I went to the very top of the Klementinum library (so. many. stairs. narrow. stairs.) to capture this picture of the city through the window. I thought this would complement the brick wall, as well as transforming the scene into a magical space. I then took my headless outfit of the day and layered it on top of the scene, mostly because I just really love this Rex Orange County "Apricot Princess" tee, but also to add some style to it. I then came to a fork in my creative endeavor: to be headless or not to be headless. As much fun as it is pretending to be the headless horseman of fashion blogging, I went in a different direction, using an actual head (just not my own) of this sculpture in Prague. Anyway, make of the finished product what you will because art is subjective blah blah blah. 











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