Style Muses: The Olsen Twins

February 7, 2017


Everyone has a fashion icon; the one, that seen through rose-colored glasses, can do no wrong when it comes to style. For me my style muse happens to be a package deal: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They are undeniably the queens of cool, and have been since their days on Full House. Being 5'1" myself, the Olsen twins are the petite girl's dream. Standing at 5'2" and 5'3", Mary-Kate and Ashley, the twins are not afraid to layer or wear oversized clothing, which many short people, like myself, are hesitant to do. Out of their many fashion ventures, their brand Elizabeth and James happens to be my favorite. I also love how their styles are so different and independent from each other, yet still blend so well together on red carpets. My favorite Olsen twin is absolutely Ashley, although I still love Mary-Kate. You can trust me on all things Olsen, because I am a certified Olsen Twin Expert according to a Buzzfeed quiz (very official). If the Olsen twins are looking to become triplets, sign me up! Take a look at some of my favorite fashion moments from Mary-Kate and Ashley and shop some must-haves from Elizabeth and James.













Here are some of my favorite pieces from Elizabeth and James!




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